Getting inspired!

One of our favourite parts of running Fun Little Foodies is being creative and thinking of recipes that we know our Little Foodies and their accompanying adults will enjoy!  We spend a lot of time finding, changing and sometimes creating recipes and then thinking of great stories and activities which will link with these recipes.  Lots of people ask us where we get our recipes from and the answer is ‘lots of places!’ – the internet, recipe books and sometimes we just make them up!  However, the book which was our first ‘go to’ book for cooking with our own children, before Fun Little Foodies even started, was the Tickle Fingers Cookbook.

Katie’s little boy was bought this book by his Uncle and Auntie for Christmas when he was two and immediately, we found and tried out so many recipes which we knew children could enjoy cooking as well as eating!  This book really did inspire us to cook more with our own kids which then led to the idea that we could cook with other people’s kids too!  Annabel Woolmer, the author of Tickle Fingers is a huge advocate of cooking with toddlers and we recommend this recipe book to all our Little Foodie families!

We are now having a little go at putting together our own mini recipe book which will include around 20 of our favourite recipes from our first year of foodies and photos of our fantastic little foodies having fun in our classes this year.

If you have any great recipes or recipe books that you recommend we would love to hear about them!


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