Recipe of the Month

Our recipe of the month for July just has to be our Easy Peasy Pasta.  We were so excited about the idea of making our own pasta with our Little Foodies and we were completely amazed by how easy it was to make and how well the kids managed!

We have to admit, making pasta from scratch is not something either of us had ever attempted before we decided to do it for Foodies.  We had also envisaged it taking ages to make and rest – not to mention that we thought a pasta making machine was essential!

We could not have been more wrong – we did find many recipes which involved resting the dough for a good 30 minutes (not d-oable in our classes) but we soon realised this was not really necessary when we were not going for Michelin Star standard!

The beauty of making pasta with kids is the simplicity of the ingredients (flour, egg and water so you almost always guaranteed to have those at home), the consistency of the dough (non sticky and elastic so not much mess) and the kneading (super fun for the kids as they can really play, mould, squidge, punch – whatever they want!).

Our foodies enjoyed rolling their dough out and comparing it to their head size!  It does take quite a bit of rolling but it is great to practice long, slow rolls rather than short, quick rolling.  They also really enjoyed using pizza cutters to cut their dough into long strips like train tracks (a good opportunity to introduce the idea of parallel lines too).  It takes minutes to cook and a little pesto or passata is just perfect with it!FB_IMG_1500497421840

If you want to have a go at making pasta yourself follow the link below for the recipe we based ours on!  Enjoy!

Pasta recipe



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