Recipe of the Month

At the beginning of November, we were lucky enough to go on a trip of a lifetime to Japan!  One of our best friends, Naomi, moved there with her family around 18 months ago and we decided to bite the bullet and go and visit her while we had the chance!  Even better was it was a girls only trip – no husbands or kids in sight….amazing!!  Obviously, one of the things we were most looking forwards to was trying authentic Japanese food.  The very first thing we ate in Japan, at our friend’s house, turned out to be our recipe of the month for November – Onigiri!   onigiriOnigiri is basically triangular shaped sushi.  It is made by moulding sushi rice into a triangular shape, placing a filling of your choice inside the rice and wrapping the entire thing in seaweed (Nori Sushi).  We absolutely loved the simplicity of this dish and how quick and tasty it is.  We bought Onigiri moulds (which we ended up getting off Amazon as the shops we tried in Japan were sold out! onigiri moulds) and the children had to fill these up with rice, stopping halfway to add their filling before topping up the rice.  For our filling, we used Tuna Mayonnaise as we thought it would appeal most to children.  You could use pretty much any filling you like – meat, fish or vegetables.  The really fun and ‘awe and wonder’ part was turning the moulds upside down ‘like a sandcastle’ and pushing out the rice triangles.  The children then really enjoyed ‘wrapping them up like a present’ in seaweed.

onigiri charlotte

We were amazed at how many Little Foodies actually tried the seaweed and many really liked it!  Onigiri is perfect finger food and it a great alternative to a sandwich for lunch.  It went down very well with a lot of our baby siblings too!  Alongside making our Onigiri, the children learnt a few facts about Japan and then had a go at making an origami dog!  We were so pleased to be able to share a little part of our amazing trip with our Little Foodies!

onigiri montage

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